11 July, 2011

Mrs Noah's Patchwork Quilt ~ the book

I know I am always going on about how blessed I feel 
when I make a happy discovery at an OpShop (Thrift Store).
Well, this latest visit was no exception.

This book "Mrs. Noah's Patchwork Quilt" cost me 30cents!
And what a gorgeous book, see below.

The story is lovely too.

 My boys are rather taken with it also.
Which is why i couldn't get a page shot without 
Little Pipkin helping me to display it.

Inside the backcover are all of these images from the book.
With instructions on how to create your own quilt.
I have photocopied them for my boys to colour in 
(to save the originals for the day I may get around to using them!)

 A search on The Book Depository found other works by Janet Bolton, such as:

Hmmm, Shall keep my eye out for this one and others like it. 
There were so many!

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