19 July, 2011

Making a Table Centrepiece or Candleholder with Children ~ Inspired by Nature

 When I was 4, I remember making something very special for my parents. 
We collected pods, nuts & twigs around the pre-kindy garden, then all sat and glued them into the nooks and cranny's of an untampered with piece of wood. 
The following session, we varnished them and once dry, were able to take them home to our families. I was so pleased with my artwork! And so proud to give it to my parents, who said wonderful things about it. And do you know...it's still floating around today, some 30 odd years later...

This early crafty memory, is one that still inspires me today - to craft with my children. I remember how much it meant to me, to be given the opportunity to create, as a child. And the appreciation and acknowledgement 'grown-ups' gave me for my work.

This is why I would never discard a piece of artwork one of my children have created (whilst they look on. I am not able to keep everything!). And if it's something they're really proud of and want to tell me about, we hang it on the fridge or wall, to eventually go into their Memory Boxes or to be given as a gift.

To make your own Table Centrepiece or Candleholder with your Children, is really very simple.
1. Go for a walk around your own garden, down the street, at the beach or through a park. 
Take a basket or bag and collect small items along the way. Try to find a piece of wood, such as bark from a tree or fallen branch, to use as the base.

2. Use some PVC/wood or craft glue to place some of your found treasures onto your base piece of wood. Let the children make their own completely. Only guide them if they ask or truly require your help. 

Source: Simon
If I could have found some larger gum nuts like these, I would have seated them upright, to use as a candle holder for beeswax candles.

Allow the masterpiece to dry completely, before you place it anywhere.
It will be quite sturdy, but not unbreakable.
(We didn't varnish ours, I thought they looked & smelt more natural that way)

Mr Turtle's instalment had a specific purpose he informed us.
"This is a Magic Dragonfly, Mama. The littlest gnome sits in here to fly"

And now, I have a new memory.



  1. These are truly beautiful creations. And I love Mr Turtle's purpose - perfect :)

  2. Thank you Anna. These are adorning our dining room table right now. Very wintery, when our candle is lit in the centre of the three.
    It's amazing how gentle Mr Turtle is when playing with his 'Magic Dragonfly' too. It seems to make a difference, that he constructed this 'toy' himself. He's so respectful of it.


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