24 July, 2011

Making sweet wee peg gnomes

 It has been a while since we've been 'gnome mad'. 
However, this Winter seems to have encouraged this frenzy within us.
Perhaps it has been inspired by Mr Turtle's 1st year in Steiner education?
Or maybe that they're so darn cute and simple to make on these cool Winter days?
It could be that we are now creating a lot with felt?
Who knows? But everyone is enjoying them!

Dolly pegs appear to be readily available everywhere at the moment.
As these are so wee, stitching the gathering stitch first up, is much easier.
I find, beginning a blanket stitch at this point (from within the felt),
 produces a much neater result.
All done!
(a dab of glue on top of the peg ~ head ~ helps secure the cloak)
This little guy wasn't my idea though. 
He came from the wonderful book:

I lined them all up ready for Mr. Turtle to play with, 
after picking him up from school.

The logs are part of a basic gnome village I created too.
Lots of crystals, nooks & doorways.


  1. These gnomes are just so adorable! Thanks for the tutorial:)

  2. Oops! I tried really hard to avoid writing a tutorial. I was hoping to just give some hints and tips. As it isn't my idea or pattern...

    However Linda, I am just loving that you are finding time to comment on my posts! I'll have to make more of an effort on your beautiful blog.

    PS ~ I hope you are feeling much better?


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