08 June, 2011

You know your children are growing up, when...

You know your children are growing up, when...
They are visibly capable and independent!
And I, as a Mama and primary caregiver, take absolute pride in that.

  I know many people didn't agree with my supervised 2 year old playing with my pin cushion while I was sewing.
But if Mr Turtle pricked his finger (I think he only did it once or twice), he learnt quickly not to!
 And then, last Christmas he was able to confidently sew a few buttons on to a gift for his Nan (posted here)

 He's five now and able to accomplish Oh so many things!

  This was quite a surprise. (I actually asked my girlfriend if this was her artwork, much to her surprise!)
I soon found out, Mr Turtle can copy symbols too.
(as for reading and writing, see recent discussion on my facebook page: here)

 I have always encouraged my boys to help out in the kitchen. This year they got their own knives as an Easter gift.
(The broader handles do provide a larger area for them to grip, but personally, I think the sheaths ask for trouble, with those extremely sharp, pointy blades.)

 Last year, helping to build Mama's craft shelves.
Their dexterity quite impressed me at the time.

This has become a favourite past-time for 3 year old Little Pip at the moment.
He never really was interested in ordinary toys.

 Again, this photo is of Little Pipkin, sewing a simple doll of his own creation (posted here).

I feel, in many situations, children know their own limits. They set their own boundaries.
I encourage, but never push them.
My boys have always climbed trees, rocks (& various other things).
Have been permitted to challenge their abilities and experiment a little.
Have  jumped in at the deep end, before they could swim.
Used scissors, pins, needles and knives from an early age.

We've had accidents (yes that's a cast on Little Pip's arm), but we've had mostly successes.
You should see the smiles on their faces when they accomplish whatever they set out to do!

We have rules.
I always supervise.
We don't do anything (that I deem) extreme.
I believe my amazingly confident, social and capable little guys are somewhat themselves as a result of these challenges.
I am very proud of my 'Big Boys' and can't wait to see what's next!


  1. Love you beautiful mama-friend! So thoughtful and loving. What blessed little men they are!!! xx

  2. Thank you my sweet friend. Love your beautiful family ♥


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