22 June, 2011

Warming: Homemade Butter Biscuit Recipe with 'new' biscuit press!

Happy Winter Solstice!

Yes, at our house it is now officially winter.
Much to my eldest ~Mr Turtle's~ delight (He's been acknowledging the cold nights and change in scenery, all this month).

As we're staying indoors a little more and enjoying comfort food, I was grateful and ever so pleased to finally find a vintage Biscuit Press (or Cookie Spritz / Forcer) at one of our local Op Shops (second-hand / thrift store).

The boys were very happy too, as you can see. 
I've been trying to convince them that this is Mama's Toy, but they're having none of that!

So, after doing quite a bit of reading online, I discovered the best biscuit recipes result in a firm biscuit dough (cookie dough). 
This recipe worked a treat (it is very much like a shortbread recipe, which would work too)

Homemade Butter Biscuits - smallish batch
(I choose all organic ingredients where I can)

3T icing sugar
85g butter
75g wholeweat Self Raising flour
30g cornflour (corn starch)
1t vanilla

Cream the sugar and butter in a food processor. Mix the vanilla through thoroughly and then quickly beat in the flours until you have a fairly stiff dough.
Place handfuls of the dough into the biscuit press.
Press onto a biscuit tray with pressure and then lift the resultant formed biscuit shape onto a non-stick surface.
Bake in a moderate oven for about 10 mins.
Let them cool on the tray.

We discovered through trial and error, with our press, once the dough is pushed through the mold, it needs to attach to a surface it will stick to (non-stick surface is less likely to work).

They lasted a couple of days in an airtight container. They were all eaten by then!
Stay warm, indulge and enjoy these crisp days.

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