14 June, 2011

My treasured retro books, magazines and patterns...

I feel Sooo blessed whenever I spot any of my crafty belongings!
That includes my treasure trove of literature on the subject.

 I feel just the same when I happen to walk into an op-shop (thrift store) and spot somebody else's pre-loved crafty bits, that they were kind enough to donate, rather than throw away.

 Sometimes I am extra lucky and discover many issues belonging to a craft series from the 60's, 70's or 80's.

Or perhaps a book on a lesser practiced craft like macrame.
I snap each of these up, pore through them at first chance, filling them with little scraps of paper as reminders for 'when I get some time'...

Gardening is another passion. Grass Roots, Warm Earth or similar magazines are quite rare to come by, but when I do, I (possibly) squeal with delight, right inside the store!

Do you share my passion?
What have you discovered for your own collection?

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