26 June, 2011

Making Simple Felt Treasure Bags with children

 At our school craft group this week, we made felt Treasure Bags with the children.
I hadn't realised they could be quite this simple.

I thought I would note down how to do it for those that may want to try some basic hand sewing, find a simple no mess activity to do with the kids, or as an idea for birthday parties (either the doing or as an end of party gift).

 Draw a circle around a round item and cut the circle out using sharp scissors (this is an adult part for some) 

Thread a needle with cotton or yarn (a little more difficult to pull through). Pull both ends of thread to even length and knot them together at the bottom (a handy trick to avoid losing the thread out of the needle). You will now have a double strand of yarn.

Sew all around the edge using gathering stitch. (Imagine a dolphin swimming in a straight line, diving in and out of the water...up and down, up and down... the dolphin is your needle)

Finish on the same side of the felt that you started. 
Tie a knot once the sewing is complete and trim most of the ends away.

Here, the treasure of choice at the moment is generally always a crystal. 
This treasure bag was made as a gift, with a certain friend in mind.

Finally, pull the thread gently and tightly to close the treasure bag.
Aren't they sweet?

You may notice there is a theme in our treasure bag colours? We decided to decorate our barren Seasons Tree with them. 
Also, there are 'winter leaves'. These are pieces of paper cut with scissors into shapes, and a hole made with a hole punch for hanging. The paper thoughtfully has sprinkles of glitter for frost drops. Very wintery.

Stay Warm

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  1. I've been crafting with felt so much in the past few months, that my kids have been begging me to learn how to. They are still a bit small to make felt food (they are 4 and 5), but I let them sew rectangle pouches and I was amazed at how well they did. This would be a great project for them to make, thanks for sharing!


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