16 June, 2011

Making Felt for King Winter's cloak

Winter Solstice is almost upon us, and my King Winter is, well...getting there...

Laying out the blue wool fleece, thinly, 3 layers in alternate directions.
Wet felting, using organic olive oil soap, tulle netting and very warm water.
Cloak I Felt Piece
 The hold up perhaps has been my uncertainty about his initial felt cloak.
Despite the blue and white, this piece has felt to me, like a beautiful ocean scene rather than a wintery coat.

Laid out fleece, 2 layers white and top layer in various colours.
Covering with tulle netting to protect layers while wet felting.

Cloak II Felt piece
 But now, I have created (for me) the perfect piece of felt to recreate what I'm seeing here on the Sunshine Coast, this winter.
I am actually completely in love with what I have created this time around.

And it feels good!

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