12 June, 2011

Knitting a gift ~ B's Kitten Cat, using cotton

We've been to a party today. For our little friend 'B' who turned 5!
She loves cats, especially her own kitten, so I thought I would have a go at knitting one (a bit like Him) for her.

I used this bouclé cotton yarn & size: 3.75mm=9 UK=5US knitting needles.
 It was a little difficult for me to knit with this yarn, but I'm still really a beginner, so I like to challenge myself know and again.

I've come across a few animals to knit in the Waldorf/Steiner style, that are based on geometric shapes. This kitten cat is another, made up of two rectangles and a square.

However, if you need a pattern, 'Knitted Animals' is a wonderful book for beginners like me (with an inclination to knit animals!) 

 Here's how Anne-Dorthe Grigaff's kitten cats look

 Sewing up the square of the body, and shaping into legs.

 Here He is (B's kitten is a He) from above.

 I added the whiskers, using a thin fishing line (not too stiff nor scratchy), which I latchooked into place.

Happy Birthday B!


  1. How cuuuuttteeee !!! I love it xoxoxo Love Aunty Mewwie xoxoxoxo

  2. And I hear, so did 'B'. She happened to not feel well the night we gave it to her. So He spent all night being cuddled in her arms. Awww ღ

  3. Aawww! It's sooo cute!! Is there a chance if you can do a tutorial on this? PLEASE!!


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