20 June, 2011

How to use a Sewing Machine to sew a unique birthday card

I am not able to take all the credit on this one.
I borrowed the idea and have had it stored away in my brain, since my wonderfully creative friend did something similar a couple of years back.

(Helly really is talented. See this post for some of her Henna Mehndi work. Or visit her Etsy store for some examples of her jewellery and her own clothing line. She also has a Facebook page too. Phew!)

 Now for the unique birthday card: Start with funky fabric, a piece of corresponding coloured cardboard to write on (green with curved edges for me) and a thick piece of cardboard to place in the centre, so it all holds together nicely.

  The piece of cardboard being placed within the fabirc, should be cut to size and the funky fabric fitted around it. Cut the fabric so that it will cover the piece of cardboard on both front & back.
Then I snipped out all four corners (like when covering a book or binder with contact).

  I pasted the edges down with glue on all four sides.

  Using the glue again, I centred the green cardboard onto the outside.
Now we're ready to sew without everything moving about.

 I began by sewing with a straight stitch around the green cardboard. I used a contrast cotton to make a border that worked well with the fabric colours.
I then sewed with zigzag stitch around the edges to keep all in place.

 This is the reverse of the card. The contrast thread not showing up on this side. It looks all neat and tidy.

 And here, the final product. Ready to write the message on the card, to my Sister, love from us all.

(as an aside ~ I wouldn't have thought of creating one of these for a male, but I stand corrected! Her husband was quite impressed with how it turned out, especially the fabric)

Happy birthday Gorgeous Lady

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