05 June, 2011

The cooler weather = Dehydrating Fruit Season!

Some of our beautiful friends drove away to make their dream a reality this week.
~Cruising around Australia on their groovily converted school bus.~
If you happen to see a smiling couple, with their happy blonde boys & huge pup ~ please give them big squeezes from each of us... We already miss them!

There was an up side to this departure however, for us.
They gifted us with their dehydrator!
And of course at this time of year, we're over the moon.
We've had an Excalibur on our wishlist for many years, and are so excited to get to play before that (slightly out of reach right now) wish comes true...

So, what have we been making so far?
  • Apple Snacks
  • Pineapple Crisps
  • Fruity Fruit Leather
When we removed the skins, the boys would suck it up like spaghetti as they used the Spiral Slinky machine.

We made a brew of 2t Calcium Ascorbate powder in about 1L water, to reduce the amount of browning on our finished snacks.

The machine was set to low over-night.

 See how Little Pip still has his teddy 'Mini'? This is because I took this photo within about 10mins of the boys getting up. They made a beeline for the dehydrator.
See, we're ALL excited about it!
(this excitement allowed me to turn a blind eye to the fact they both were squattting on my kitchen counter...)

 These lasted Three Whole Days!

 Exquisite, "Pineapple Crisps".

"Fruity Fruit Leather"
 A combination of plums, apples, pineapple & passionfruit.
We made this one last night (I've had to hide it, so it lasts a little while longer. It really is That delectable!)

Thanks F, R, N-J & J.
Our tastebuds love you too xxx

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