17 May, 2011

Watercolour Pencils & Decorating Bead Necklaces

When I was a pre-teen, all I wanted were a '72 set of Derwent Colour Pencils'.
Eventually, one Christmas I got them!
I saved them for best and as you can see, I still have them to this day.
I love All of those Colours

 Mr Turtle has been showing some interest in drawing of late, so for his 5th birthday we bought him a gorgeous wooden box set of Derwents. 
This set included colouring pencils, watercolour pencils, sketching pencils and other lovely accessories.
Little Pipkin has been enjoying them too.

 I have a collection of beautiful beads from Chunky Timbers, in Kalgoorlie, West Aust.
I use them in some of my creations.
They're made from local, recycled timber trimmings - mostly mulga, pixie bush, gimlet, boree, jarrah, sandalwood, gidgee, Goldfields blackbutt and others.They're also just the right size for little fingers (the hole too - for threading)

 So with these and the pencils.
My boys found themselves their own craft project.

 This activity was devised last week and both boys are still wearing their necklaces today and have been Every Day.


  1. Oh wow those wooden beads are sooooooo beautiful ... what lucky boys! As for the Derwent's, as a little girl and teenager I envied everyone who had those delicious coloured pencils. I always wanted them but never got them ... until I had my own children. It still feesl very special using them!
    Donna :) :)

  2. Yes, the Derwents have always been very special. I used to 'draft' a drawing first, then do the 'final' with my pencils. Ever..so..carefully...

    The beads ARE truly wonderful.
    They are made from trimmed bush wood from around Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (along fire tracks and such). Completely natural. The offcuts are then utilised by Chunky Timbers, who then turns them into these beautiful beads and other gorgeous creations.


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