29 May, 2011

Thought I'd make a Rainbow Button Doll, from repurposed craft items

 My button tin was sorted on a rainy January day.

 This came in rather handy when I decided to attempt a Button Doll.
I've never seen one, I just remember reading about them somewhere, 
some time ago.
I remembered the basic premise and thought I'd give it a go!

 Interestingly, every item I used is either pre-loved or a scrap, which is nice.
Reminiscent of a time when Button Dolls were popular, I would think.
* small Wooden beads from op-shop necklaces.
* large head bead, several given to me amongst other leftover crafty bits
* buttons gifted one Christmas many moons ago (I was so excited to receive my own button tin!) by my step-Mum (including some from her Mum). 
If I've added to it, they've been buttons removed from repurposed items.
* thread; lengths left over from a hand~sewing project (truly!)
* felt; again scrap from another project

 A triangular gnomes hat, with a faceless, Waldorf~esque looking head.
That's our thing these days though.

 And then Mr Turtle used his new art box to draw a face!
Not so Steiner...

Here, the rainbow button doll is riding his rainbow horse. Of course!
I wonder how this photo would have turned out if Mr Turtle was wearing his much loved rainbow pants.


  1. Oh my, how colourful, beautiful and creative !! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Yes, we're quite fond of rainbows around here! With so many colours in my button box, I really had to try and use them all, right?

  3. How lovely! Thanks for linking to Creative Friday:)

  4. Super cute! I'm off to the button box to make some myself!

  5. Thanks so much for dropping by, Linda and Melissa! ღ


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