14 May, 2011

Sweet Soy Tofu & Broccoli

Sweet Soy Tofu & Broccoli
1 block organic tofu
1 small head broccoli
3 cloves garlic, sliced thinly
1 thumb fresh ginger, shredded
2t honey (or rapadura/brown/palm sugar if you're feeling sweet)
2t sesame oil
2T vegetarian oyster sauce
1T sesame oil
1 cup water

In 2 separate small bowls; In one add sweetener to 1 cup water. Add sesame oil & oyster sauce to other bowl.

Lightly fry tofu in oil (I use a combination of rice bran & ghee).
Remove tofu to drain on paper and tip out oil (leaving just the oil coating the pan).
Fry the garlic, ginger & broccoli for 1 minute.

Pour sweet mix into pan to reduce in quantity (for a few minutes).
Stir through the oyster/sesame mix and serve.

Also lovely with any combination of vegetables, cashews and fresh coriander tossed through at the end.
At our house, Little fingers like to help chop these ready for dinner.



  1. It really is!
    A bit of a favourite around here right now. If you get chance, let me know how it turns out for you.


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