07 May, 2011

STICKS! & What we do with them

When Little Pipkin was very young, he used to pause, pick up a stick, hold it up in the air and then at the top of his lungs yell "STICK!".

To this day, we have no idea why he did it, but we laughed each and every time.

Since Mr Turtle was young, when he picked up a stick I had very firm rules:
1) you do not touch ANYONE nor ANYTHING with it.
2) it does not come with us in the car.
3) sticks stay Outdoors.

Since then sticks have come indoors, as playthings (& decoration), and they are allowed to travel in the back of the car. But Rule 1) has never changed.

I thought, since sticks feature so much in our daily lives, I'd try and document what we get up to with them.

Here's a few of our ideas...

Eating Kebabs on the decking at dusk
(insect repellent coil frame)
Autumnal Seasons Tree
Fishing Rod (imaginary or otherwise)

Nature Weaving

Even alive sticks are fun
(& herbs smell extra nice too)
Obviously, as antlers!
Who would have thought, jewellery?
Yes, even swords

Diamond Eyes / Nature Kites / Gods Eyes

Many times children notice items we all see ever day and pay little attention to
~ Like Sticks!
They're all around us, but it's children who wonder: 
"Hmmm, what can we do with these?
What can we Make from these?"

Innocence, Free Creativity & Imagination.
True Artists!


  1. reminds me of one of my favourite kid jokes

    What's brown and sticky?
    A stick

    : )


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