21 May, 2011

Simple Scrap Fabric Doll

A while ago at craft group, a little friend of ours collected up scraps of felt and during the morning, made a doll from them.
This memory came in handy recently, when Little Pipkin was looking for something to 'sew'.

We have a bag of scrap fabric. Pieces I have discarded when sewing, mostly.
The boys use them for all sorts of things - dressing their toys, threading garlands, cutting and glueing into pictures.

It didn't take long to find the perfect piece to begin Little Pip's own doll.

Materials:  Cardboard roll, wooden bead, needle, thread, fabric.
And definitely some concentration & patience!

 Wrap fabric tightly around cardboard roll and sew down length.

 Attach bead for head by sewing through hole and gathered fabric (to form neck).

These days, not too much help by Mama is required with stitching.
Little Pipkin turned 3 last month, so this really is a fairly
simple project for little fingers.

 With a rainbow shawl (it is getting cooler!)


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