23 May, 2011

Sewing Appliqué with Buttons - potato design!

Yes, the title of this post is entirely honest.
This design was in fact inspired while eating roast vegies off of one of my delightful plates a few nights ago.

 I thought it might be best not to photograph my half devoured meal. 
The elastic band represents the roast potato instead!

 When I found an hour to myself (!) I sat down to match colours and get started.

 As I'm practically self taught in sewing and craft, I'm really not sure what one SHOULD do when creating an appliqué design. Although, as I'm happy with the end results and I learn so much by just 'winging it' - I don't mind sharing with you my possibly 'incorrect' methods!
(If you do think of some helpful advice for me though, please feel free to comment at the end of my posts!)

To get a circle, I folded the flower fabric in quarters, matching the pattern at all corners, then cut in a curved line.

I used iron-on dual sided adhesive paper to attach the 'potato' to the flower print, then zigzagged with the sewing machine.
The buttons are sewn on VERY well, so little fingers won't pick or pull them off.

 And there we have it.
I think boys can look masculine AND gorgeous in flowers, don't you?

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