18 May, 2011

Leafy Inspiration

Mr Turtle is poorly today. 
So a simple stroll around the garden ~ in bare feet of course ~ was enough energy to expend.

(see the book:" Earthing" for more about healing while connecting with our Mother Earth -thanks MJ!)

At the same time, we had a closer look at some of the smaller leaves growing in our garden.
We picked one of each leaf, that was a little different from the last. 

I then scanned them to enter and save in Mama's Inspiration Book.

(Little Pipkin kept occupied using the leaves for some artwork. 
Tracing, rubbing, snipping and such.) 

Simple and Slow.
All that was required today.

I'm off, to go back and cuddle on the couch.


  1. You have a wonderful talent of making such beautiful, simple things in nature look so gorgeous... I love the photo of the leaves, it would make a awesome picture to hang inside. Love you all. Hope Mr Turtle feels better soon.
    xoxoxo Love Aunty Mewwie xx

  2. I might squirrel that idea away in my memory for Spring.
    Beautiful colours, vivid Greens.
    Thanks Mellie!


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