25 May, 2011

Healthy Fruit and Nut Ball Recipe~ Orange & Date Balls

We recently had the gorgeous and grand Children's Fair ~ the primary fundraiser at our beautiful school.
I made two recipes to donate to the Children's Stall:~
 Organic Orange & Date Balls

As these are both two of my very popular dessert recipes, I thought I'd pass the recipes on to you (in 2 separate posts), to make for and share with your friends and loved ones

Date and Orange Balls
This recipe is just an Energy Ball recipe.
Energy balls, are nutritious little pockets of healthiness (I prefer to make mine just the right size for a mouthFULL...). 
These ingredient quantities below, made around 40 balls for us.

4cups      Dates, chopped first is easiest
1½ cups Coconut, shredded
2cups      Almonds, ground (I find it easier to locate organic almonds, than organic almond meal)
4T           Orange juice, freshly squeezed (often equal to the juice of one orange)
2T           Orange rind, zest (ie. grated finely)

Grind the almonds first in a food processor, then add all remaining ingredients and mix until completely combined.
Roll spoon fulls of the mix into balls.
Roll in coconut and refrigerate to firm up.

They also freeze beautifully and so can be made in advance. They don't take too long to defrost either, if you have delightfully unexpected visitors!

Rolling the balls into shape, and then again into the coconut, is an easy part the children may enjoy helping you with.


  1. Yummy yum yum !! xxxx :) Love from Aunty Mewwie xxx

  2. They So Are!
    Do you think GT would indulge? x

  3. Possibly ! They are a yummy dessert treat, so I think he would like 1 or 2, or 5 !! xoxoxoxo

  4. We made these tonight - they are just beautiful - thank you ! xoxoxoxox Love G & Mellie


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