14 May, 2011

Eumundi Body Art Carnivale 2011

The 2011 Body Art Carnivale in Eumundi.
We only went for the last couple of hours on Saturday, but I guarantee, we'll be experiencing MUCH MORE next year.

 ONe of my favourites was the baby in the womb in the above shot. I had a child on my shoulders during the entire finalist parade, so I apologise for the poor quality shots. You can see much more detail at this link here. 

 Another treat in Eumundi are the 'Knitted trees'.
The right hand tree (first picture) has a wishing pocket, to leave notes in ~ your wish for our World, put out to the Universe.

And finally, even the electricity boxes are discretely camouflaged, with the most gorgeous artwork.
 (I apologise to Mitchell, I couldn't find an online link to his other work)

We live in such an inspirational, creative, beautiful part of the world!

*'°•.'*~ Sigh ~ *'.•°'*

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