05 May, 2011

An addition to our Night-time Rhythm

We have always had a general rhythm at bed time. 
Pyjamas > Teeth > Book or told Story > Poem.
However, now we have added a new step...  
All of a sudden, my 'big boys' are beginning to nurture their 'friends'.
It all began with carrying their sleepy bears everywhere, and now, Mr Turtle & Little Pipkin are putting their 'friends' to bed before they themselves go.

 They of course can have their beds made up anywhere, being toys.

 But in the bedroom is the best!

Under these playcloths ("bed covers") there is a box with several soft toys, covered with a rainbow silk cloth (for "warmth" and "calm light") atop a milk crate (to keep them "safe" in a "caged cradle") crammed with dolls.

Mama sneakily had to remove this doll ensemble from the end of the bed for safety, but only when my little lambs were fast asleep.

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