05 April, 2011

(Waldorf - Steiner) Wool Felt Little Pocket Folk Dolls - Leaf shaped

On looking for 'just the right gift' for a little 2 year old friends of ours,
I came upon this wonderful tutorial.

Mosly Autumn colours of course,
as his birthday fell just before the equinox.
(But really, appropriate for all seasons!)

They only took me a couple of nights to put together.
Such a calm and meditative way to spend an hour or two before going to bed.

I used one of the leaves we had collected, as

a template for the body shape.

I hope little J liked them, I think they're adorable!


  1. As the creator of this tutorial a long time ago it is such a joy to stumble upon these! What perfectly beautiful little dolls - I hope the recipient loves them as much as I do.

  2. Oh Anna!
    What a compliment. thank you so much my dropping by. You're little dolls were sooo cute, I'm extremely pleased youlike what you see here. Aleta ღ

  3. These are gorgeous! Happy New Year!


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