24 April, 2011

Why the Easter Bunny?

There are many customs surrounding EASTER.

Some of us may know that Easter possibly derives its name from Eostre, the Saxon great Mother Goddess. Or the Norse goddess of Spring named Ostara.
Also Eastre is believed to be an ancient word for Spring (obviously with Easter being originally celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere).

Many of us know the Christian Bible story, traditionally told with the celebration of Easter. Commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

My knitted Hares from Easter 2010,
hand~sewn felt Bunnies &
a needle felted Rabbit made for this Easter 2011.
But why the Bunny?

I've done a bit of research, to find:
The 'bunny' is thought to have originated in Germany. The idea spreading throughout Europe and the US. Hares & Rabbits & Eggs had long been the symbol of fertility (new life of Spring). Rabbits would 'lay' eggs in nests during Easter Eve, and be found by children Easter morning. Cakes in the shape of hares & sweetened breads baked with a boiled egg, where some of the original sweets eaten at Easter.
Other symbols of Spring like lambs, ducklings and chicks soon followed.

Happy Easter!

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