17 April, 2011

Wet Felted Treasure Eggs

An Easter craft that really is hands (and heart) on for
those with the littlest fingers!

My Spring 2011 Issue of Living Crafts magazine
arrived recently! I LOVE this magazine.
Yes, it's from the other side of the world from here and thus the seasons are a bit different, but the celebrations and festivals are often the same.
Within this issue's pages is a project for Wishing Eggs.
Oooh ~ let's make OUR version!

 I couldn't find any wooden eggs, so styrofoam had to do - for the shape.
We cut up lengths of variegated wool to have colourful felted eggs.

 Water as hot as we could stand (Mama helped with this) &
some eco dish soap.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Then roll, rub, roll.
(Mama's help was not required for this extremely FUN part!)
Left out in the sun until dry. 

 Then I cut off the tops.
We kept the tops to 'close the door over our treasures'.
My boys like the 'What's the Surprise inside?' element...

Their lovely idea is then to place a word or a Wish inside
(hence the title of Wishing Eggs).

But my boys wanted to fill them with treasures instead.
So that's exactly what we did!


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