13 April, 2011

Needle Felted Earth Mother

This is my Earth Mother for our Nature Table.
She began life as an Autumn Harvest Mother,
but the wool and colours led me elsewhere.
(Can you see the water, waves, colours of earth & nature?)

As we crafted our dolls, my mentor called it 'fleecing',
as we mostly wrapped the wool roving (combed sheep fleece) around itself,
rubbing gently with our fingers.

But once it came to her dress, and my embellishments,
I used the felting needle quite a lot.

I'm rather getting into needle felting lately.
I've always been daunted by this craft and never dared to give it a go,
until I was 'shown properly'.
Now, I obviously can't keep away!
(see Toadstools & Pumpkin)

I think the attraction of needle felting,
is both using the gorgeous raw wool and
roving as well of the precision of the art itself.

I'm rather pleased with her.


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