06 April, 2011

My Man's Delectable Tomato Salsa

Isn't it time we had that recipe I mentioned here?

My Man's
Delectable Tomato Salsa
of course home grown or organic ingredients might taste best, if you can!

6-8   tomatoes, roughly diced
1   Large red onion, roughly chopped
2T   basil leaves, shredded
1T   fresh oregano leaves, chopped
1Dspn   balsamic vinegar
1t   sugar
1-3(!)   chillis
salt & pepper to taste

Chop everything and stir everything together in a big bowl.
Refrigerate, stirring every few hours.
If you can make it at least several hours before, flavour improves with age!
Serve as a dip or with a meal...

From our table to yours
Please Enjoy

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