23 April, 2011

Making Easter Cards

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in these annual celebrations.
Such as Christmas, Easter or Birthdays.
Our minds are so occupied, wanting to remember our gifts for everyone.
It's possible at these times, to forget that our young children
- mimicking our every action - want to give something too!

Often at these times we're so busy,
that having to stop to come up with an idea for our child to be able to give too,
might seem like time we don't have to spare.

In our home, that's when making CARDS save the day!
(They're also great at the last minute)
Pull out all of your art & craft items and let them create their own 'gift'.
And quite often, especially for Grannies, Grandpas, Aunts & Uncles,
these are the best gifts of all!

And just a quick tip on threading...

Instead of using a needle,
you can wrap a small piece of tape around the end of your wool yarn
to make it stiff enough to easily pass through the holes.
Then snip that end off once your child has completed their project.

Happy Easter!

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