21 April, 2011

Felt Easter Bunnies - blanket stitched

It seems any excuse these days and I am hand~sewing.
It truly is so therapeutic!
(& faster than I had ever imagined)

This year I have hand~sewn felt Rabbits.
Last year I knitted Hares.
(Next year - I am thinking Bilbies!)

I found a free template on Lisa Bunting Thoms blog - here
Then set to work:
I've used wool felt & wool fleece to stuff them with.

I used gather stitch at the base of the ears, after I had blanket stitched the 
inner and outer together.
This helped the ears to stand up. 

 I had to (i.e. wanted to) do one for each of my boys
for their Easter gift.

I needle felted the puffy little tails on.
They are just as sweet with their ears up or down I think!



  1. What gorgeous little bunnies !! Happy Easter Mama, Love from Auntie Mewwie & Uncy G xoxoxo

  2. The pattern is available for only invited members to the blog...cute idea, but without an invite impossible to do.


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