27 April, 2011

Bright & Happy Little Gift Cards - repurposed stickers!

My youngest, Little Pipkin, loves stickers.
I always used to love stickers as a child. I would gently peel them off and place them carefully in my 'sticker books' to keep forever.
Not Little Pip!
He peels them off and sticks them anywhere and everywhere.

These stickers I thought were just too cute to be binned, 
so I collected & repurposed them!

 It took me about 20 minutes to make ALL of these cards. I was in fact On The Phone, the whole time and just put them together with scraps of paper I had to hand.
(Yes, I keep scraps of pretty paper!)

Very handy when I find we're going somewhere and a gift card is required last minute (this has happened more than once, now that I have children!).

Hope they've brightened up your day too!



  1. They look fantastic !! xooxxo Love Aunty Mewwie xx

  2. Great idea. I used re-purposed Easter stickers on my son's gift this year. Totally forgot I had them, but they worked perfectly.

  3. Welcome Brooke!
    That's wonderful too.
    Mama's keep these little treasures sometimes, never knowing what we'll do with them. And then viola, the perfect opportunity presents itself!


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