07 April, 2011

Birthday Knitted Pig & Assorted Toadstools

It was little Pipkins birthday recently & 
he requested two things be created for him.

A pig and a toadstool!

Well, really, why not?

So I set to work
I knitted the pig in Pip's choice of variegated wool
(SeanSheep Stirling Weekend) the day before.

I found the pattern for a piglet in this gorgeous book:

Mr Turtle was desperate to be in on the plan,
so while Little Pip was napping on his big day,
 we set to work on a couple of toadstools.

 Mr Turtle kept commenting on how busy we were 'working'

 Sweetly enough, this toadstool, turned out to be the
favourite gift of the day
(yes, the present his 'big brother' had made)

& today, after Mama created some needle felted additions, 
 this is how our Faerie Garden has progressed.
Looking just like an enchanted hollow methinks!

Happy Birthday to our little man


  1. Just gorgeous,xoxoxo Uncky G and Auntie Mewwy xoxox

  2. Hi! I just popped in from Mel Goodsell's blog + just wanted to say hi!
    I REALLY love these toadstools! I might give them a go I think today.
    Thanks for the inspo :-)
    Lusi x

  3. My pleasure! Thanks for having a look around ❤
    ...Inspiration, Aaaahhhh, I just love that, thank you.


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