18 March, 2011

Wool Felt Summer Sea Creatures

I have been madly hand~sewing this last month.
I recently joined with our school craft group who were creating
 Summer Creatures, for their own Nature Tables.
(Where the family can bring a little of what they see outside 
in the natural world - inside. 
Therefore confidently and appropriately 
reflecting the current season)

I've merrily joined in, then realised Autumnal Equinox is almost upon us!
Mabon will be here in a few short days and
I wanted to share my own creations with you all before that happened.

I am finding that blanket stitch is my friend.
I find the rhythm & focus involved in hand~sewing,
 helps me to feel present in the moment. 
My creating these creatures has been therapeutic, meditative & calming
(I believe so, for the whole family).

I'm rather pleased with how they have turned out,
as are Mr Turtle & Little Pip.

I'm even considering perhaps making some to sell?
I love it that much!
What do you think?

I'm looking forward to see what wonderful things
we'll be making next season in our craft group.
I'll keep you posted!

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