24 March, 2011

Stainless Steel food containers

With Mr Turtle starting school this year,
I wanted to make sure his food was kept as healthily as possible,
while it waited on the shelf in the cloakroom, for him to devour it.


After doing much research I decided on BPA free, stainless steel containers.
I bought them here
(not a paid endorsement nor advertisement ~though it would be nice if it were!)They have proven to be fabulous!

Lunch Bots Uno
  • Easy to open for little fingers.
  • The food keeps cool, (within the insulated lunch bag with cold pack), being in metal containers.
  • They are hardy (no dents yet!).
  • Easy to clean and dry (smooth surface all over).
  • No stains nor food smells retained.
  • Perfect size for what Mr Turtle gets through at lunchtime.
EcoTanka 800ml

And with my little fish, aka Little Pipkin, who drinks A LOT of water,
the 800ml ecotanka has been PERFECT.

One happy (Mama) customer!

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