20 March, 2011

Needle & Pin Book ~ Craft trinket tin

Do you remember my craft trinket tin?
Well, for the last, ahem, 8 months, I've had my needles & pins
just floating around in there, stuck randomly into a piece of felt.
Suddenly today, I thought I ought to do something about that,
and it took only about 15 mins!

A piece of cardboard, folded.
A piece of felt, folded.
A piece of fave material cut to size to cover the cardboard,
with a small border around.

Felt hand sewn onto the cardboard.

Glue on the reverse side to stick on the material.

The material border cut and glued in turn,
neatly to the inside.

Needles & pins inserted rather tidily.

Really ~
8 months?

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