06 March, 2011

How I Red Henna my Hair

 I've been henna~ing my hair, on and off, for around 15 years.
The reasons for this are:
  • it's very inexpensive
  • I like it bright red
  • I'm happy for it to be permanent
  • and possibly, above all IT'S NATURAL!
My recipe this time was: the juice of 1 lemon, 15 drops of tea tree oil,
one packet of Henna & warm water.

Method: mix to a thick, yet spreadable consistency.
Leave to sit for an hour or three. 
Then scoop into hair (use gloves!).
Coating roots first, then working down to tips.
Cover with a shower cap and then a wrapped towel.
Leave in for as many hours as you can, (All day or night if that's do-able).
Rinse out until water runs clear.
Wash normally with your choice of shampoo & conditioner.

 Note: when I can get it fresh, I boil beetroot &
use the warm, RED water instead of clear water.
I get a much richer colour!


  1. Lovely to see your beautiful long red hair back - love that look on you xoxo Aunty Mewwy xxxx


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