16 March, 2011

Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

I'm sure many of us have seen these around?
On other friends walls or even possibly, other blogs.
Favourite pieces of material set into embroidery hoops
& displayed on the walls, like a piece of art
(well, really it is, isn't it?)

A favourite summer dress with a hole in a very noticeable place.

I popped an open hoop over it, put it back together
with the material in between, 
tugged at the material all around and then tightened the hoop screw.

I painted 'mod podge' around the rim to hold the material in place
around the hoop.
I didn't get too close to the circle that will show,
just in case the glue might show through.

After weighting down until the glue dried (with a heavy book),
I clipped the material very close around the inside of the hoop.

A favourite old, unrepairable bag.

My beautiful ~ torn ~ repurposed silk sari skirt.

As is often the case, I did no research and just 'gave it a go'.

But I think the result is actually quite effective!

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  1. They look really funky. Love Aunty Mewwie xx


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