31 March, 2011

March 2011 Favourite Photo

Bedtime gift on my Birthday
A favourite snapshot ~ of our lives.
From this month.
This moment is forever preserved.
To be remembered always.

30 March, 2011

Making Hula Hoops

Garden reticulation pipe

Cut to size

Correct sized joiner
A single marble popped inside to maintain momentum
(for those of us not too experienced at the twirling of a plastic hoop around
our hips ~ this step helps keep the hoop 'Up'!)

Close both ends of the hoop around the join
Cover the entire hoop with electrical tape.
So 1. it's no longer black!
and 2. the join is covered
Add some Bling!
Little fingers may able to help with this

Ready to take for a spin!


28 March, 2011

Needle felted pumpkin

 My first completed needle felting project!
(Yes, I'm hooked on the fact it's now Autumn ~ I just love the colours of Autumn!)

 Raw fleece for the internal ball, combed fleece around this

Hey, it's not perfect,
but I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt!

26 March, 2011

Found treasure autumnal craft mobiles

A treasure walk is always fun.
And when you can find an activity to actually use the treasures,
well, the fun moves from outdoors to indoors!

This activity was inspired by the beautiful and patient friend who looks after Mr Pipkin, one day a week.

Found bark, leaves & twigs.
Matched with autumn coloured beads & felt.

Large needles for little fingers & thread (with a knot at the end to keep the
thread from slipping through the needle's eye)

Actual pieces of art I think!
(I love the colours of Autumn)

24 March, 2011

Stainless Steel food containers

With Mr Turtle starting school this year,
I wanted to make sure his food was kept as healthily as possible,
while it waited on the shelf in the cloakroom, for him to devour it.


After doing much research I decided on BPA free, stainless steel containers.
I bought them here
(not a paid endorsement nor advertisement ~though it would be nice if it were!)They have proven to be fabulous!

Lunch Bots Uno
  • Easy to open for little fingers.
  • The food keeps cool, (within the insulated lunch bag with cold pack), being in metal containers.
  • They are hardy (no dents yet!).
  • Easy to clean and dry (smooth surface all over).
  • No stains nor food smells retained.
  • Perfect size for what Mr Turtle gets through at lunchtime.
EcoTanka 800ml

And with my little fish, aka Little Pipkin, who drinks A LOT of water,
the 800ml ecotanka has been PERFECT.

One happy (Mama) customer!

22 March, 2011

Drying Apple Slices

Happy Autumnal Equinox!
Autumn has arrived, and with it, much less humidity up our way.
So, for our first Seasonal family activity, we have dried apples.

You will find a  step-by-step guide in the wonderful book; Earthwise
though, our method was a little different.

We used an apple spiral/slinky cutter!
The kids LOVE it.

 Dipped in Calcium Ascorbate & water,
to reduce browning when drying.

Towel dried before threading.
Less to dry off when hanging AND less slippery to thread.
Equally doable activity for both of my boys

Ready to eat in a week or so, depending on our weather I guess!

20 March, 2011

Needle & Pin Book ~ Craft trinket tin

Do you remember my craft trinket tin?
Well, for the last, ahem, 8 months, I've had my needles & pins
just floating around in there, stuck randomly into a piece of felt.
Suddenly today, I thought I ought to do something about that,
and it took only about 15 mins!

A piece of cardboard, folded.
A piece of felt, folded.
A piece of fave material cut to size to cover the cardboard,
with a small border around.

Felt hand sewn onto the cardboard.

Glue on the reverse side to stick on the material.

The material border cut and glued in turn,
neatly to the inside.

Needles & pins inserted rather tidily.

Really ~
8 months?

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