26 February, 2011

Yes, I am a Playful Parent!

I was blessed enough to recently come across this article,
that speaks about natural toys, why they are so much better,
how big company marketing works, how a parent playing
IS important (they are a TOY!) and so on.
It is the transcript of two interviews with
~ Jane Krejci & then Stevanne Auerbach .

In my opinion, well worth the read!

 I also have added a new book to my ever growing library.
It touches on some of the same points as the article.

by Lawrence J Cohen, PH.D.
My boys Love it when I get down on their level.
Just like I'm sure all young children do.
I find it hard sometimes, like many parents,
to find time to do so.
There's so many other chores and distractions that require attention!

But every day, I am reminded, that my little guys are getting older and
growing and changing and are becoming independent little souls.
If I say I'm too busy, too often, this time will pass me by!

So, when the cry of "Mama, we NEED a playgound!!!"
Sounded, well, I stopped doing the dishes
& jumped in to help build one...

(A reminder that children mimic us.
Here 'Dad' is calling his 'children' for snack time.)

They are little for such a short time



  1. I love this post! and dad calling for snack time. xD do you think this book is a must?

  2. I love this book. I find it is written in a really upbeat way and resonates well with me.
    Thanks for your comment Masa ❤

  3. thanks for the recommendation! :)


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