04 February, 2011

When the kids protest their vegies ~ Hot Chip (Vegetable) Dip

Yes, I was getting frustrated.
We had a week or so of requests for things like Toast for dinner.
I knew I could find a way around it and I DID!

I wanted to share with any other frustrated parents who may be out there...
I created the 'Hot Chip (Vegetable) Dip'.
And each time I've made a variation, it's been all but licked out of the bowl.

The recipe is another simple one.
Basically, include whichever vegies you have in your fridge, cupboard or garden.
Cook them until tender (but of course maintain their nutritional value).
Add herbs, stock, cheese, cream, or whatever your children will enjoy.
Then serve with Home made Hot Chips.

We always roast at least one bulb of garlic amongst the cut potatoes!

This pictured recipe was:

Hot Chip Vegetable Dip
Sweet potato
Sauteed in ghee & olive oil

Then add a little water & shake of Herbamere (vegetable salt). Cook for a minute only

Creamed corn
Blend (it is like a thick soup) & serve with Home-made Hot chips

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