08 February, 2011

Porcupine Quill & Baltic Amber necklace

Mr Turtle and I agreed,

it was time to move on from his Baltic Amber teething necklace.
So, away it went into his memory box.

After much thought, a decision was made
on the bead selection for a 'big boy' necklace.
Of course, for my animal lover, it had to be Porcupine Quills.

We bought these from a friend of a friend,
who'd collected them, when we were in South Africa (2004!).
I knew I'd been keeping them for a special something ♥

Genuine Baltic Amber beads

Porcupine Quills and beads made from them


  1. That's just beautiful that Mr. Turtle decided it was time for an upgrade. The new necklace looks just amazing. What a talented creative pair ! xxxxx

  2. Thank you!
    Yes, we make a great team ღ


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