06 February, 2011

Making Parachutes for our Boy's toys

 As I've said before, I find it so remarkable the way children think.
At 6:30 this morning, Mr Turtle asked if we could make 
'some sort of parachute' to 'help' his toys 'fly to the ground'.
Was his brain ticking over in his sleep?

Once the toys were chosen, I used wool and adult sized hankies.
I just made a slipknot at either end of the cut pieces of wool,
then tightened them on the hanky and toy. 

I remembered seeing something similar in one of the wonderful books on my shelf. Earthwise, by Carol Petrash 

  Even running endlessly downstairs to retrieve appeared to be part of the fun.
I must admit though, I would have been happy to keep laying in bed,
but the smiles were worth it!

What were you doing before breakfast this morning?

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  1. So cute, what a lovely idea. Making sure their animals land safely, just gorgeous xooxox


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