28 February, 2011

How I make our Fried Rice

 I find, in our home, the boys are forever changing
their minds on what they do and don't like to eat.
Fried Rice is a handy meal idea to have at hand.
Generally it can be adapted for even the most fussiest of {little} people
(provided they like to eat rice!)

Mr Turtle has never enjoyed egg.
So I cook & serve the omelette seperately.

All the vegies are chopped into bite sized pieces and
cooked in order of their length of time required.

I don't actually 'fry' my rice too often.
If I do, I try to cook the rice and leave it to cool the whole day.
Then I'll fry it in olive & sesame oil, before mixing through the other ingredients.

Fried rice
(ingredients can be added to or omitted as required!)
1 cup Rice (boiled to just cooked & drained)
2 eggs ( [add 1t tamari & beat into egg] then fry quickly as an omelette & slice once cool)

All vegies chopped to bite size & cooked in this order:
2 shallots
2 garlic cloves
¼ zucchini
2 mushroom
1 carrot
½ corn cob
Handful peas
Handful spinach
Olive oil & sesame oil (used to cook vegies & fry rice if doing so)
Tamari soy sauce ~ liberally poured into entire mix of all ingredients and stirred through!

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