14 February, 2011

February ~ Genuine Baltic Amber (Child) Necklace month?

As I said in my last post.
I've had more requests for making amber necklaces recently.
So I have made those orders and more...just in case.

Word of Mouth is a powerful thing!

Making Amber beaded jewellery has been one of my hobbies for about 3 years now,
but now we're on the Sunshine Coast,
there seems to be a real interest in what I'm doing.
So I've been a rather busy girl, creating, this weekend!
See below and my last post.

I charge $35 each for this size.
Around 30-36cm length.

And lucky me!
Gorgeous Nicky of "FlowerChild", Pomona, Q
has offered to stock my amber jewellery.
If you're about that way sometime, drop in and say Hi!


  1. Great work with the necklaces Bon. It's wonderful that a shop will be stocking your necklaces too, yippee ! They look gorgeous. Love Mellie x

  2. hi there, do you make the necklaces in adult sizes?

  3. Hi Angelina!
    Yes! I think you said you weren't particularly a fan of fbook, but I do have some photos up of my adult amber necklaces https://www.facebook.com/HinterlandMama. With descriptions and prices. You can leave a comment there, or email me directly and we'll chat further: HinterlandMama@gmail.com
    Thanks for your interest ღ


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