14 February, 2011

February ~ Genuine Baltic Amber (Adult) Necklace month?

I make beaded jewellery.
I love doing it.
And so, three years ago, when first asked if I could create
an 'amber teething necklace' I had to find out more,
 so I could say 'YES'!

Now here I am, years later, getting more requests in a week than ever before.
And for something different Adult amber necklaces!
So a whole weekend of fun was in order.

See below AND this post.

I charge $50 each for these necklaces.
Around 45 - 50cm length


And lucky me!
Gorgeous Nicky of "FlowerChild", Pomona, Q
has offered to stock my amber jewellery.
If you're about that way sometime, drop in and say Hi!

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