12 February, 2011

Boxes as Toys

Ever heard someone comment a child was 'more interested in the box'
than in the item inside it?

Yes, we recently bought a new washing machine.
It didn't take long until the cries of "can we use it Mama?" could be heard.
Of course they meant THE BOX.

A window & a door cut into said box, took 10 mins.
It was played with for 3 days - in every way imaginable.
Then it became an activity in itself -
being torn into pieces to be added to the garden compost heap.

This is our current stack.
What can you see?
perhaps a moon mountain, kennel, doll home, volcano, shoes, muffin tray...
 the list goes on...
(I love their imaginations!)

Other children may receive a toy, sweet or book when they go to the supermarket
with their parent.
Mine, on occasion, get a box. 
(Truly - try it!)

MY craft room shelves have many sizes of boxes on them,
to separate my goodies...
So sometimes I get a box treat from the shops too!

And this photo was taken a few months ago when I bought those craft shelves.
(the boys helped build for a while, but preferred the boxes!)

Kids LOVE boxes.


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