28 February, 2011

How I make our Fried Rice

 I find, in our home, the boys are forever changing
their minds on what they do and don't like to eat.
Fried Rice is a handy meal idea to have at hand.
Generally it can be adapted for even the most fussiest of {little} people
(provided they like to eat rice!)

Mr Turtle has never enjoyed egg.
So I cook & serve the omelette seperately.

All the vegies are chopped into bite sized pieces and
cooked in order of their length of time required.

I don't actually 'fry' my rice too often.
If I do, I try to cook the rice and leave it to cool the whole day.
Then I'll fry it in olive & sesame oil, before mixing through the other ingredients.

Fried rice
(ingredients can be added to or omitted as required!)
1 cup Rice (boiled to just cooked & drained)
2 eggs ( [add 1t tamari & beat into egg] then fry quickly as an omelette & slice once cool)

All vegies chopped to bite size & cooked in this order:
2 shallots
2 garlic cloves
¼ zucchini
2 mushroom
1 carrot
½ corn cob
Handful peas
Handful spinach
Olive oil & sesame oil (used to cook vegies & fry rice if doing so)
Tamari soy sauce ~ liberally poured into entire mix of all ingredients and stirred through!

February 2011 Favourite Photo

Finding bait (a leaf) to put on his fishing rod (a stick)

A favourite snapshot ~ of our lives.
From this month.
This moment is forever preserved.
To be remembered always.

26 February, 2011

Yes, I am a Playful Parent!

I was blessed enough to recently come across this article,
that speaks about natural toys, why they are so much better,
how big company marketing works, how a parent playing
IS important (they are a TOY!) and so on.
It is the transcript of two interviews with
~ Jane Krejci & then Stevanne Auerbach .

In my opinion, well worth the read!

 I also have added a new book to my ever growing library.
It touches on some of the same points as the article.

by Lawrence J Cohen, PH.D.
My boys Love it when I get down on their level.
Just like I'm sure all young children do.
I find it hard sometimes, like many parents,
to find time to do so.
There's so many other chores and distractions that require attention!

But every day, I am reminded, that my little guys are getting older and
growing and changing and are becoming independent little souls.
If I say I'm too busy, too often, this time will pass me by!

So, when the cry of "Mama, we NEED a playgound!!!"
Sounded, well, I stopped doing the dishes
& jumped in to help build one...

(A reminder that children mimic us.
Here 'Dad' is calling his 'children' for snack time.)

They are little for such a short time


24 February, 2011

Thrifted sheet dining table Playhouse

We have a small tent that gets used very often.
I've often wondered about how my growing  boys could both fit
(perhaps in a larger one?), when I came across this idea,
I borrowed from Jean @ the artful parent.

Using the dining room table as a playhouse!
Of course!
My boys can oft be found under there anyway.

Step One ~ buy  sheets from your local opshop. 
I found a single & double, that shared colourways!

Every playhouse needs a window

Simple, but effective doorway.

 Stick on velcro spots, under the table rim,  keep it all in place.

And with a few other play~things in place,
we can happily say, success!

22 February, 2011

How to make Tamari nuts & seeds

Have you ever bought Tamari Nuts as a snack?
They are very easy to make & great to have at hand.

All you do is, make a selection of raw nuts and/or seeds.
Dry roast the nuts and seeds in a frying pan (nothing else added).
(Keep an eye on them, with their high oil content, they can burn quickly)
Then turn off the heat.
Splash tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) or Braggs aminos over the hot nuts and
toss them until all are coated.
Finally, leave them there to cool - until cold.
The tamari will dry on to the nuts.
Store in an airtight container.

Quite a simple one really, but oh so delicious!
And so great to share.

21 February, 2011

Children Planting a garden

 I LOVE that my boys want to garden.
Especially to sow & nurture edible plants.

This is a pot we planted together a week or so ago.
Tomatoes, Basil & Lentils

Today they asked if they could 'have some seeds, to make a garden?'
SURE! said I.
So, those seeds to hand were the sprouting mix I've mentioned before, here.

My boys got themselves prepared with tools.
We dug down into the compost heap to find this rich earthy soil.

 Note the box being used as the carrying device ~
So Many Uses!

And that is where Mama's help ceased & my independent little guys took over.

I became the observer with the camera.  
Quite impressed at their teamwork & abilities.

Now, looking at this little nook the boys discovered & turned into a garden
(between the raised roots of a tree).
~ I do believe it might just be the perfect site for
the much talked about new faerie garden.

18 February, 2011

Carrot & Shallot Bhaji pancakes (Snifter Cakes)

Carrot & Shallot Bhaji pancakes
So quick, delectable & nourishing!
I make these quite often to take along to
my family or Mama-type gatherings.

They're very much like regular indian-style vegetable bhajis,
Only I shallow-fry them like a pancake/pikelet instead of deep-fried in oil. 

Carrot & Shallot Bhaji pancakes
2T heaped  besan (chick pea / chana flour)
1t turmeric powder
1 1/2t ground cumin
1/2t garam masala
pinch (himalayan rock) salt
one peeled carrot, grated
two shallots, sliced thinly
(really, any vegetables, so long as they're grated! Broccoli, Zucchini or Cauliflower all work well)
ghee & olive oil to fry

~ mix dry ingredients together, then add a little water until you get a smooth, thickish paste. Thin enough to coat the grated vegetables.
~ stir vegetables through until coated.
~ Then, just like you would cook small pancakes, heat a pan with a splash of olive oil & tablespoon of ghee. Fry the Carrot & Shallot Bhaji pancakes on each side until golden brown.
And the term 'Snifter Cakes'?
Another one of Mr Turtle's fun names.
For some reason this name has stuck!
When you are 41/2, Nothing seems to be what it is.
A rose by any other name...

No matter what they're called, they taste GREAT,  
and always get a wonderful response.


14 February, 2011

February ~ Genuine Baltic Amber (Child) Necklace month?

As I said in my last post.
I've had more requests for making amber necklaces recently.
So I have made those orders and more...just in case.

Word of Mouth is a powerful thing!

Making Amber beaded jewellery has been one of my hobbies for about 3 years now,
but now we're on the Sunshine Coast,
there seems to be a real interest in what I'm doing.
So I've been a rather busy girl, creating, this weekend!
See below and my last post.

I charge $35 each for this size.
Around 30-36cm length.

And lucky me!
Gorgeous Nicky of "FlowerChild", Pomona, Q
has offered to stock my amber jewellery.
If you're about that way sometime, drop in and say Hi!

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