05 January, 2011

Roll up Pizzas or filled bread rolls

We first came across these in Mexico, several years ago.
Every beach we frequented had (mostly) young lads
with baskets full of warm bread rolls,
with the most creative and delicious fillings.
Freshly baked on a fire in a sand dune, somewhere close by.
I thought I might try to recreate this taste memory for my boys to enjoy.

Fresh Basil, garlic, onion, cheese on tomato paste

Onion, garlic, sweetcorn, beans, Fresh oregano, mushroom, cheese
(on tomato paste & sour cream mix)

Olive, sundried tomatoes, feta, chilli

Garlic, onion (-cooked first in ghee), silverbeet, cheese on sourcream

I made a basic bread dough that the boys could help measure ingredients for.
Mix to get their hands sticky and then knead.

The recipe came from the Parent & Child Group Handbook
(which is full of songs, recipes, seasonal and craft ideas.
Not to mention a great book reference list!)

I divided the dough into 4 bases and a little extra to keep my little men busy.

I've found in the past, spreading the toppings fairly evenly
made for an easier roll, more moistness in the cooked dough
& happier munchers.

Mr Turtle had a final contribution, but Little Pip ate his raw!

In the oven for 20 mins on moderate heat and look at them...

Who could resist?

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