29 January, 2011

Finally finished! Crochet Hook Sushi Roll - Roll up case

When a craft project is for myself, it seems to take a little longer.

So, I'm pleased to announce, I have finally
(after a year of picking it up and putting it back down)
completed my crochet hook sushi roll!

Now that I think I'm beyond beginner status, I plan to replace all of these thrifted hooks,
with some of the gorgeous wooden ones I've drooled over, online.
(Like these by K.Kowalski ~ Oh My!)

 I chose this project initially as it was a great way to practice
different types of stitches. Each colour is in a different style.
As I am practically self-taught,
(I have perplexedly sought advice and guidance at times
from some wonderfully talented folk)
I thought this was a great idea. And it was.

Of course I changed a few things -
but a pattern is like a recipe, right?
 You can do that?!

The pattern, and idea, came from this bright and bubbly guide

Not that I ever thought I was a 'complete idiot'...unfortunate title...

I'm rather fond of my sushi roll, Functional and Fun!


  1. Awesome project, I've always wanted to learn to crochet. Well done :) Love M

  2. I just found your blog though Day to Day... I love this project, it makes me so happy. I totally have to make this for one a friend of mine :)

  3. Thanks so much for popping over!
    Yes - definitely have a go...it really was very simple (I just never seemed to find the time to 'sit down and indulge myself')& I'm happy with the finished product!

  4. I need to make one of these, then I could find my hooks, it is awesome! I am going to have to search for those wooden hooks now.


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