31 January, 2011

Banana Pear muffins & Teapot time

 Just about every day the boys and I have either morning or afternoon tea.
My Man too when he's home.

I believe it to be my British upbringing responsible for this?

Whatever the reason, I, excuse me, WE love it!
And almost always, we have a little baked treat alongside.
Our boys usually grab something to go into the pot from the garden.
Today it was mint to go with the fresh ginger & lemon myrtle green tea.
We have had all sorts of combinations:
herbs, loose leaf tea, tea bags, vegetables, fruit, honey.
You name it (though sometimes the combination can
have Mama choosing to create her own separate teapot!)

My quick recipe for these muffins, is:
(Happily, I wrote it down, because they turned out just lovely!)
Banana Pear Muffins
(Australian measurements)
1Cup Wholemeal self-raising flour
1Cup Wholemeal plain spelt flour
1t baking powder
pinch all spice

1Cup hot water
1/3Cup dates

1 banana
2T grapeseed oil
1 pear (chopped, no need to peel)

Soak chopped dates & hot water together for 15mins.
Combine dry ingredients in separate bowl.
Blend dates AND water, banana & oil.
Stir through chopped pear
Pour wet mix into dry mix & combine well with spoon.
Divide into an oiled muffin tray.
Bake for 15-20 mins in a moderate oven.

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  1. What a beautiful recipe. I'll be trying this on on the weekend me thinks! Love M xx


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