12 January, 2011

American-style Buckwheat Pikelets (HEALTHFUL!)

I've always loved big thick pancakes (and crépes, of course!)
A preference I've inevitably passed on to my children.
In an effort to make this 'treat' the healthiest I can,
I've tried all sorts of combinations to come up with their favourite:

American-style Buckwheat Pikelets

(Australian measurements)

blended together first
1 banana
1T Flaxseed Oil
1 egg
1/2cup milk
1T raisins

sifted together
1 cup buckwheat flour
1t baking powder
1T raisins

Eggs aren’t necessary to bind/rise the mixture - with the oil, baking powder & banana present.
I just add an egg for extra protein.

Of course a similar, egg free version might be:
1 banana
1T Flaxseed Oil blended together first
1/2cup milk
1T honey

1 cup buckwheat flour sifted together
1t baking powder

½ cup of blueberries


I prefer to mix wet & dry ingredients separately, to ensure a proper mix of all ingredients, as the mixture begins to swell and thicken once the baking powder meets the liquid.

Once the mixture has come together, stir through the raisins (or blueberries).
Allow mixture to rest about 5 mins (while pan is heating).
Then spoon it into the hot frying pan, on med-high heat.
They need to be turned after only perhaps a minute of cooking (when golden brown)

Olive Oil, if light in flavour, is a nice oil to use to avoid them sticking in the pan. (Or sometimes, I use a little ghee)

Now, my boys only seem to like the flavour of buckwheat flour (though wheat flour and other combinations I'm sure, would substitute just as well.)

They will happily eat them straight from the pan OR frozen. Handy if I make too many.

And they never seem to require toppings, they're sweet & moist enough as they are.

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