14 December, 2010

Child-Hand crafted Christmas candles & Gift Bag

Mr Turtle is 4 ½ and Little Pipkin is 2 ½
They were both able to make their Nanny this gift of Christmas candles.
Really you can't go wrong as long as you're using red and green.
They pressed little cut up pieces of coloured beeswax onto candles.
Normally in a design, but this works too!
I'm sure she'll love receiving them.

I took a piece of green felt to make a bag to present them in.
I drew the shape of a Christmas tree, freehand, in chalk.
Then sewed right over it with a lighter green thread.
Next I cut out a star in yellow felt and ironed it on
using dual sided appliqué webbing.

And then, to decorate the tree, Little Pipkin chose some bright buttons,
while his elder brother sewed them on
(with a little start and finish help from Mama)

We wrapped the candles in tissue paper and
placed them inside the finished bag
(of which I sewed up the open sides).
I'm very sure Nanny will be quite impressed and
both of my boys are most chuffed that they could help Santa
~ the giving spirit ~
create and give presents this year!

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